Mushrooms currently in season

Main Season

Chanterelleedible excellentcommon
Penny Bun Boleteedible excellentfrequent
Fairy Ring Champignonedible goodvery common
Chicken of the Woodsedible goodcommon
Shaggy Parasoledible goodcommon
Two-toned Scaleheadedible goodcommon
Deer Shieldediblevery common
Glistening Inkcapediblevery common
Dryads Saddleediblevery common
Jews Earediblecommon

Early Season

Field Mushroomedible excellentcommon
Parasol Mushroomedible excellentfrequent
Charcoal Burneredible goodvery common
Giant Puffballedible goodcommon
Terracota Wood Urchinedible goodcommon
Wood Urchinedible goodcommon
The Milleredible goodcommon
Orange birch roughstalkedible goodcommon
Oyster Mushroomedible goodcommon
Amethyst Deceiverediblevery common
Common Puffballediblevery common
Stump Puffballediblevery common
Blusherediblevery common
Meadow Puffballediblecommon
Matt Boleteediblecommon
Brown Birch Roughstalkediblecommon
Orange Peel Fungusediblecommon
Beefsteak Fungusediblefrequent
Mosaic Puffballediblefrequent
Lurid Boleteediblefrequent

Visual characteristics of wild mushrooms

A description of the standard mushroom identification features.

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