Mushrooms currently in season

Main Season

Field Mushroomedible excellentcommon
Chanterelleedible excellentcommon
Penny Bun Boleteedible excellentfrequent
Parasol Mushroomedible excellentfrequent
Bay Boleteedible goodvery common
Fairy Ring Champignonedible goodvery common
Charcoal Burneredible goodvery common
Two-toned Scaleheadedible goodcommon
Orange birch roughstalkedible goodcommon
Giant Puffballedible goodcommon
Terracota Wood Urchinedible goodcommon
The Milleredible goodcommon
Shaggy Parasoledible goodcommon
Wood Urchinedible goodcommon
Great Wood Mushroomedible goodfrequent
Saffron Milkcapedible goodfrequent
Slender Parasoledible goodfrequent
The Princeedible goodoccasional
Oak Boleteedible goodoccasional
Wood Mushroomedible goodoccasional
Shaggy Inkcapediblevery common
Deer Shieldediblevery common
Ochre Brittlegillediblevery common
Honey Fungusediblevery common
Deceiverediblevery common
Blusherediblevery common
Glistening Inkcapediblevery common
Common Puffballediblevery common
Amethyst Deceiverediblevery common
Stump Puffballediblevery common
Brown Birch Roughstalkediblecommon
Matt Boleteediblecommon
Pestle Puffballediblecommon
Orange Peel Fungusediblecommon
Common Funnelediblecommon
Red Cracking Boleteediblecommon
Meadow Puffballediblecommon
Mosaic Puffballediblefrequent
Beefsteak Fungusediblefrequent
Larch Boleteediblefrequent
Hen of the Woodsediblefrequent
Lurid Boleteediblefrequent
Scarletina Boleteediblefrequent
Velvet Shieldedibleoccasional

Early Season

Wood Blewitedible excellentcommon
Field Blewitedible excellentfrequent
Snowy Waxcapedible goodvery common
Meadow Waxcapedible goodcommon
Oyster Mushroomedible goodcommon
Slippery Jackedible goodcommon
Autumn Chanterelleedible goodcommon
Cauliflower Fungusedible goodfrequent
Crimson Waxcapediblecommon
Aniseed Funnelediblecommon
Scarlet Waxcapediblecommon
Velvet Shankediblecommon
Cow Boleteediblecommon
Trooping Funnelediblefrequent
Flesh-Brown Blewitedibleoccasional

Late Season

Chicken of the Woodsedible goodcommon
Jews Earediblecommon

Legal aspects of picking wild mushrooms

Aspects of the law which impact on wild mushroom collection.

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