Aniseed Funnel  (Clitocybe odora)



Eating notes: The strong Aniseed/Fennel flavour of this mushroom make it more useful dried as a spice or condiment. It could also be added to dishes where Fennel might be used (for example with fish).

Preserving: Dries easily. 




Cap: 3-8cm Pale blue-green. Initially, convex but quickly flattening and becoming irregularly wavy at the margin.

Gills: Close and slightly decurrent. White with a hint of the cap colour.

Stem: Often curved and hollowing with age. Finely downy at the base.

Spores: White

Flesh: White with slight blue-green tinge. Often flushed pale brown in the base of the stem. Strong smell and taste of Aniseed or Fennel.

Habitat: On the ground in deciduous woods.

Frequency: Common