Brown Roll Rim  (Paxillus involutus)


Edibility:Deadly Poisonous

Eating notes: The effects of this mushroom are cumulative over time. It might be eaten without any apparent symptoms on several occasions then causes an extreme allergic reaction and haemolytic anaemia. This may be fatal.




Cap: 6-14cm Dull brown and downy. Has heavily in-rolled and grooved margin. Usually with slight umbo. Becoming depressed with age.

Gills: Ochre-sepia, heavily decurrent, crowded. Bruising red-brown. Easily separated from cap.

Stem: Paler than cap. Bruising red-brown.

Spores: Rusty brown

Flesh: Pale ochre, darkening after cutting.

Habitat: Health land or deciduous woodland (especially birch).

Frequency: Very Common