Chanterelle  (Cantharellus cibarius)



Eating notes: Aromatic with a firm texture. Benefits from long slow cooking with plenty of liquid.

Preserving: Dries easily. Can be frozen.




Cap: 3-10cm Egg yolk yellow. Lobed with an in-rolled margin. Eventually becoming depressed in the centre with a wavy margin.

Gills: Deeply decurrent, narrow, forking gill ridges. Same colour as cap.

Stem: Short and solid. Same colour as cap.

Spores: Ochraceous

Flesh: Yellow (slightly paler than the cap).

Habitat: On the ground in troops with deciduous or coniferous trees. Prefers damp acid soils.

Frequency: Common

Legal aspects of picking wild mushrooms

Aspects of the law which impact on wild mushroom collection.

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