Charcoal Burner  (Russula cyanoxantha)



Eating notes: Retains a firm almost crunchy texture after cooking.

Preserving: Dries easily. 




Cap: 5-15cm, heavily convexed initially, later flattened or slightly depressed. The cap colour is very variable (both between specimens and ona single specimen). A mixture of purple, wine, olive, brown, green. Greasy when wet.

Gills: Adnexed or slightly decurrent and narrow. The gills are flexible rather than brittle (as most Russula are). The gills may have some forking.

Stem: 5-10cm cylindrical brittle white. No ring or volva.

Spores: White

Flesh: Thick, firm and white

Habitat: In troups on the ground with deciduous trees

Frequency: Very Common