Lurid Bolete  (Boletus luridus)



Eating notes: Poisonous if eaten raw or under-cooked. May cause gastric upsets in some people even if cooked.

Preserving: Can be dried. 




Cap: 7-13cm Walnut or dark-buff. Initially heavily-convex and slightly downy, becoming smooth when expanded.

Stem: Yellow near the cap becoming orange-red near the base. Covered in a red network.

Tubes: Yellow or yellow-green.

Pores: Red near the stem becoming more yellow towards the edge of the cap.

Spores: Walnut brown

Flesh: Yellow, rapidly bruising blue-black.

Habitat: With broad-leaved trees

Frequency: Frequent

Smell and taste of wild mushrooms

Using smell and taste to help identify mushrooms.

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