Penny Bun Bolete  (Boletus Edulis)



Eating notes: This is one of the most sort after culinary mushrooms. Young specimens can be eaten raw in salads. They have strong mushroom flavour when cooked. Once dried, it is excellent for flavouring soups, sauces, stocks.

Preserving: Dries easily. Can be frozen.




Cap: 8-20cm, convex, brown

Stem: Swollen towards the base. Cream mottled or streaked with pale brown. The white network at the top of the stem is distinctive.

Tubes: Initially white/cream becoming yellow/grey. Slightly adnexed or adnate

Pores: White/cream in young specimens turns more yellow as they age.

Spores: Olive brown

Flesh: White, unchanging when cut.

Habitat: Mixed woodland

Frequency: Frequent