Wood Urchin  (Hydnum repandum)



Eating notes: Not the strongest flavour, but a good firm texture. Benefits from long slow cooking.

Preserving: Can be dried. Freezes well.




Cap: 5-15cm Pinkish-buff. Sometimes orangey-pink. Irregularly lobed with an in-rolled margin.

Fruit body: Usually single but sometimes two or more fuse into a composite fruit body.

Gills: Has short spines rather than gills. Spines are same colour as cap and slightly decurrent.

Stem: Short, stout and brittle. Often off-centre. Paler than the cap.

Spores: White or pale cream.

Flesh: Firm, brittle, pale yellow-cream.

Habitat: In troops on the ground in deciduous or coniferous woods.

Frequency: Common